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Carol's Ekko Magic Wipes   

About  Ekko Magic Wipes

Ekko Magic Wipes are hygienic and environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable, chemical free, multi-purpose cloths, made of 100% lint-free compressed cotton.  They are so multi-purpose they eliminate many of the not-so-earth-friendly products currently being used in homes across Australia.


They can be used in many different ways by a diverse range of people.  They are handy to carry anywhere as they are so light and compact.  They are soft enough to use on your face and around the eyes, and durable enough to re-use over and over in the house, garden, car, at work, at the gym, and the list goes on!


Magic Wipes are great for parents with grubby kids; to refresh yourself when feeling the heat; for wiping the sweat and dirt from your face; they can be used as a bandage for first aid; to clean around pets eyes; or as a refreshing alternative to serviettes at your BBQ or dinner party.


Unlike pre-moistened wipes, you determine how you are going to use them by what liquid you add.  Add water and the uses are endless.  For more specialised uses you can add a few drops of fragrant oil and create your own air fresheners.  Because they are made of cotton they can be used with solvents like nail polish remover and turpentine.


Another great reason to use these cloths is you can, for example, clean your child’s face, simply rinse under water then re-use it to clean the high chair, rinse again under water and then let it dry and re-use it to clean your reading glasses or CD's/DVD's, use to clean your windows or do the dusting, once you think there is no use left, use it again in the garden to retain water for your plants, or simply throw it in the compost heap to break down naturally!


Ekko Magic Wipes are chemical free so there is no need to add chemicals to wash them.  They are made using a non-woven process.  With no weave there is nothing to trap dirt, stains and smells.  To use again simply rinse under running water, squeeze and let dry naturally.


This is one of the most useful products to come along in years, given the fact that they are earth friendly, lint and chemical free, you’d wish somebody would’ve told you about them years ago!


They are available in different size packs.  A great value pack of 100 pieces for $20.00 - this works out to only 20 cents a cloth, a handy 10 piece travel pack for $5.00, an 8 piece pack wrapped in a Blister for $5.00 and a 48 piece pack wrapped in Blister.   Great prices to pay for something that is so beneficial on our environment! 


Best of all, by using Ekko Magic Wipes, you can cut down on the use of chemicals in your home, therefore saving even more money, while living in a healthier home, and contributing less waste from cleaning product packaging to landfill!


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Keep an eye out for this amazing new product when we demonstrate them at markets and other events and come over and see for yourself how amazing they are!  Or give me a call on 0427 21 0427 for more information or to place your order.

     No Alcohol                           No perfumes                            No Creams                     No Chemicals                      100% pure cotton

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