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 Many uses of Ekko Magic Wipes

Ask these questions of yourself.......

Do you love kids or pets?
Do you love camping?
Do you love fishing?
Do you love travelling?
Do you love barbeques?
Do you love entertaining?
Do you love exercising?
Do you love gardening? 
Do you want to do your bit to help the environment? 
Do you want to stop using chemical products at home?
Are you looking for an unusual but useful gift? 
Are you sick of moist wipes drying out? 
Are you sick of smelly dishcloths?  Do you want a healthier home? 
Are you looking for a lint-free cloth to clean your glasses, CD’s & DVD’s, TV screen, computer screen? 
Do you need a refreshing wipe to fight humidity? 
Do you love exercising but hate carrying a sweat towel? 
Are your hands still greasy after using serviettes? 
Do you want a chemical free wipe? 
Do you want something soft enough for sensitive skin?

If you answered YES, to any of those questions, then Ekko Magic Wipes are for you! 

You can use Ekko Magic Wipes anywhere you need a little wipe!

Take your Ekko Magic Wipes with you everywhere, walking, camping, driving, shopping, in the car, on the boat, in the caravan, to the gym, to work.

You decide how you will use the cloth, add water for endless uses, add fragrant oil to create your own air fresheners, use with solvents such as nail polish remover and turpentine, use with antiseptic, use in the garden to help growth and save up to 70% less water.

Yes you can reuse them ! but no need to machine wash – simply rinse in water.  They are made using a non-woven process, so with no weave there is nothing to trap oils, dirt, stains and smells, they simply run off!

Instead of buying loads of different products each week, why not just buy Ekko Magic Wipes?  Use them as an alternative to serviettes, paper towel, baby wipes, make up wipes, and cleaning wipes!  All this from just one cloth?

A pack of 100 pieces should last you a couple of months, and at just $20, it’s affordable, it’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s fun!  Once you have used it as much as you can, there are no concerns about throwing it out, throw it in the compost and within 12 – 14 weeks is should have turned from cotton to earth!

An exciting party trick –  they look like a mint, but add water and they grow to a 24cm by 25cm re-useable cloth!

By simply adding different liquids you can determine how you are going to use your Ekko Magic Wipes, here are a few examples:

Add warm or cold water and use your Ekko Magic Wipe as a:
• refreshing towel to wipe hands, neck, face and arms.
• household cleaning cloth to dust.
• polish finger marks off stainless steel.
• clean mirrors, windows , TV and computer screens.
• highly absorbent cloth to clean up little messes.
• dry cloth to clean CD's, DVD's, camera lenses and eye glasses.

Add an antiseptic solution and use your Ekko Magic Wipe
• to bath wounds.
• as a temporary bandage.

Add acetone and you can use your Ekko Magic Wipe to remove
• Nail polish.
• Superglue.
What else can I use Ekko Magic Wipes for?
•  In the garden to propagate seeds, wrap around seedlings then when the roots pop through you can plant straight in the garden
•  Your Ekko Magic Wipe holds approx 60mls of water what a great way to conserve the amount of water you use on your plants!
•  Add a few drops of your favourite fragrance and use in the car, bathroom etc. anywhere you want a nice fresh smell.
•  Use them in your centre piece when having a dinner party, then at the end of the meal you can pour the water over and "poof" it's magic!
•  Use them at your next BBQ.
•  Ekko Magic Wipes are gentle enough to remove eye makeup, robust enough to clean window tracks, strong enough to spray a little degreaser on to clean an engine part.

The uses are virtually endless.
     No Alcohol                           No perfumes                            No Creams                     No Chemicals                      100% pure cotton

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