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Carol's Ekko Magic Wipes   

Supplying to Australian homes

Carol Gardiner is an Australian distributor of Ekko Magic Wipes and she is conscious of ways to help improve the environment.

Carol welcomes and thanks you for taking the time to find out how you can save time, money, water and the environment by using Ekko Magic Wipes.

You too can do your bit to help reduce your carbon foot print, while saving money by using Ekko Magic Wipes!  Thatís not forgetting how convenient they are!

You can use Ekko Magic Wipes anywhere you need a little wipe!

Please take a few moments to read about Ekko Magic Wipes, and the many uses for them. 

You can even sign up to receive regular emails with hints and tips on how to get more use out of your Ekko Magic Wipes. 






     No Alcohol                           No perfumes                            No Creams                     No Chemicals                      100% pure cotton

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